What People Say

See what our families have to say about our classes.

"Music Together® is a top notch program!  Marcee does a great job of teaching us to be the music makers instead of just singing to us.This is what makes Music Together unique and a true educational program.   


"We have loved this class so much! My daughter has grown so much from this class. She sings a lot, stays on tune, is learning words, etc. She has always loved drawing, but since we started Music Together, her interest has increased exponentially. I think it is from using the book along with music to express art and feelings, etc. I absolutely have fallen in love with the class and can't imagine any parent not wanting their children to be a part of this!  Thanks so much for bringing it to Wichita!"  



 "We have enjoyed you so much and your class as well.  It has been so neat watching Kelley start each semester not knowing any of the music and then by the end listening to her singing the music.  You have so much passion for teaching and you truly show it when you are teaching not only the kids but the parents also."           


"Best music class I've attended in Wichita!"


 "Just the right mood of relaxed fun, informative and educational.  My kids love music and it's such a luxury for us to take time in our week to do something fun together as a family.  Thank you!  You're doing a wonderful job of keeping us all engaged."


 "Marcee you are so very great with the kids!  Great pace!  Lots of fun for both of us!  We loved our experience"


"Marcee your communication was amazing.  You helped me learn so much about my child.  Your passion is awesome, this was a great experience and I learned so much about my child's learning technique which has helped me in other areas.  I'm more prone to listening to the (Music Together) cd rather than the radio."


"Music Together was very, very awesome.  Fun for the parents and kids.  Great for bonding and expanding musical knowledge.  Thanks for your enthusiasm and making this so fun!"


"Loved my experience-parents and children were fun to watch throughout the semester"



"It is our third class. We love it. We went to a demo class on base.  Marcee is wonderful, energetic, and a very good music teacher. The girls love her."


When You Take a Music Together Class, Don’t Be Surprised if:

-Your toddler dances around the house when the music together cd is on

-Your child starts to show preference for a style of music or particular songs

-Your baby starts to coo and babble in the tones related to the song he/she is hearing

-Your preschooler makes up their own verses to songs while riding in the car

-Your child sings several songs in Spanish taught every semester

-Your toddler has his own Music Together class at home where he sings to his stuffed animals

-You see your child become significantly more comfortable with their singing voice

-Your preschooler sings songs in difficult and unusual meters and tonalities without it seeming odd or foreign

-Your child knows traditional folk songs from many different countries

-Your toddler starts matching tonal and rhythm patterns taught in class and on the cd

-You find yourself enjoying the Music Together cd just as much as your child

-Your baby gains social skills from observing and relating to children of all ages

-You gain more confidence in your own movement and singing voice