Don't be surprised if........

When You Take a Music Together® Class, Don’t Be Surprised if:

-Your toddler dances around the house when the music together cd is on

-Your child starts to show preference for a style of music or particular songs

-Your baby starts to coo and babble in the tones related to the song he/she is hearing

-Your preschooler makes up their own verses to songs while riding in the car

-Your child sings several songs in Spanish taught every semester

-Your toddler has his own Music Together class at home where he sings to his stuffed animals

-You see your child become significantly more comfortable with their singing voice

-Your preschooler sings songs in difficult and unusual meters and tonalities without it seeming odd or foreign

-Your child knows traditional folk songs from many different countries

-Your toddler starts matching tonal and rhythm patterns taught in class and on the cd

-You find yourself enjoying the Music Together cd just as much as your child

-Your baby gains social skills from observing and relating to children of all ages

-You gain more confidence in your own movement and singing voice